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Can you put different hair styles in Nicktropolis? That would be cool!

Hey, Maggie! We're constantly working to bring new and super-exciting things to the ever-growing NickTropolis...including hairstyles! So look out! Because later this month we will be bringing a whole new world to NickTropolis. In the works are new styles, outfits, hair style options, and much more! Keep checking out NickTropolis for all the latest amazing stuff we have to offer!


For the "Avatar" message boards, is it possible to make "Avatar" emotions?

Hi, Ham! We totally agree with you. "Avatar" emoticons is a brilliant idea! You guys visit the "Avatar" boards so much, they're in the top ten most popular message boards every week. So obviously we'd be crazy not to consider your idea. I think I see "Avatar" emoticons in's near future!


Is there a way we could chat with the Nick characters?

How's it going, D'Anna? Did you know that you can chat with some of your favorite Nick characters any time you want? Well, you can! In Nicktropolis you can talk to SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron and Danny Phantom all in one day. Ever been curious about SpongeBob's life under the sea? Just ask him! Wondering about Mr. Fenton's lab? Ask Danny all about it! And coming soon you'll be able to chat it up with your fave characters from "Avatar" AND "Zoey 101." We bet Zoey's doing her homework right now so she'll be ready for your questions later! So ask away. Oh yeah, and tell Jimmy we say "hi."